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Terroco has a wide range of chemicals and an in-house laboratory to customize and innovate. Providing various downhole and industrial solutions, deicing, corrosion control, road stabilization, and dust control, we deliver, apply, and recycle them to municipalities & industries.

Chemicals available:
  • Glycol's

  • Clay Stabiliser

  • De-Icer

  • De-Foamer

  • Inhibitors

  • H2S Scavenger

  • Calcium Chloride

Our Inventory
  • TSO 9000 Series

  • Potassium Chloride

  • Methanol

  • Heat Transfer Fluids

  • Water Management

  • TDL Applications



Terroco Frac Solution Products: 

TSO 9000 series of clear Frac & work-over fluids are scientifically formulated to address today's concerns & set tomorrow's standards.


  1. Safety: Low R.V.P. high flash point

  2. Superior Gel Strength

  3. Consistent viscosity & break characteristics

  4. Formation compatible

  5. Low surface tension

  6. Easy clean-up capabilities

  7. Cost-effective availability

  8. Minimal wax content

  9. Consistent chemical & physical properties

  10. Packer and tool friendly


Used in the Oil & Gas Industry for preparing Natural Gas for Transport and use by the consumer.

Natural Gas processing consists of separating the various hydrocarbons and fluids from pure natural gas to produce what is known as “pipeline quality” dry natural gas.

Commonly used Process fluids are:

•    Amines
•    Glycols
•    Methanol
•    Various Desiccants

Terroco currently services the Methanol & Glycol sector of this industry.


•    Ethylene, Diethylene, Triethylene Glycol


•    Terrotherm IG (red), Terrocool (blue), Terrofreeze (yellow)
•    Nitrate Pak (prevents cavitation)

Line Heaters
•    Inhibited Ethylene Glycol – Terrotherm IG (prevent hydrates)

Well-Head Injection
•    Methanol, Ethylene Glycol

Pipeline Testing
•    Ethylene, Propylene Glycol

•    Ethylene Glycol

Refrigeration Units
•    Ethylene Glycol (80/20 mix)


In the case of extreme weather conditions, hydrates can overwhelm a pipeline and create a production blockage. Where response time is essential, methanol is not as efficient & Terroco De-Icing Fluid becomes a quick logical solution.

Terroco De-Icing Fluid quickly clears frozen gas transmission lines & absorbs extraneous water vapours resulting in extended service without freeze-up. When the gas flow has stopped, a full 205-litre drum of de-icing fluid should be added to the line. However,as the exact location and magnitude of the ice blockage are usually unknown, adding De-Icing Fluid in precise amounts is unnecessary. Instead, add enough to allow gas flow to resume.


With Terroco’s de-Icing fluid, we have used an exceptional formula consisting of the correct amounts of the active ingredients:
•    Ethyl ether is used to maximize the dynamics of the de-icing process.
•    Ethylene glycol is added to bond with the free water vapour & to prevent the dilution of the methanol-ethyl ether solution.
In the end, you have easy answers to hydrate blockages up to 5 times quicker than pure methanol.

Terroco products are used for:

•    Dehydration Units
•    Compressor Stations
•    Line Heaters
•    Well-head Injection (hydrate control)
•    Pipeline Testing
•    Absorption (Refrigeration) Plants

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