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Terroco Contracting specializes in plant turnarounds & plant site construction by performing a diverse range of work, including installation of underground services (including fibre optics) and site services. As well as Pressure testing & test fluid rental, septic & vacuum truck services, equipment, personnel transport services, & water hauling, we also provide trade crews, janitorial services, "laydown" services, & rent portable warehousing facilities in addition to a host of other equipment.


Since our inception, Terroco Contracting has worked on large plant construction sites throughout Alberta, completing contracts in Fort Saskatchewan, Fort McMurray and Joffre. 

Specialising In:
  • Plant Construction / Turnaround

  • Pressure Testing
  • Test Fluid Rental
  • Spill Cleanup / Remediation

  • Fibre Optic Network Construction 

  • Custom Fabricating

  • Directional Drilling

  • Pipeline Testing

  • Hydrovac Excavation

  • Water Hauling

  • Septic & Vacuum Truck Services

  • Equipment Rental

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